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Ostankino TV Tower is the main symbol of the Russian television and an important tourist attraction of Moscow city, in particular, and of Russia, in general. It is the highest freestanding construction in Europe. It is 540 meters high.

Famous soviet engineer, Nikolay Vasilyevich Nikitin, who had developed design basis over one night, had designed the project. According to the legend, prototype of such tremendous building was a reversed lily flower.


TV tower had been constructed since 1960 until 1967. Advanced technologies of the time had been applied in construction of TV Tower, most of which had been invented and licensed during construction. Design project of the Ostankino TV Tower became a breakthrough in domain of creation of the high-rise structures and remains an example of beautiful design concept up to the present time.

Dedicated purpose of the Ostankino Tower is on-air TV and radio broadcasting.  TV signal coverage area from the TV Tower is 120 km and covers territory with population of nearly 20 million. It is the TV Tower due to which citizens of Moscow city and Moscow area are able to watch favorite TV channels and listen to the radio.

Nevertheless, for natives of Moscow city and visitors of the capital, the Ostankino Tower is, first of all, a modern cultural and excursion complex. Viewpoints located at height of 337 and 340 meters are favorite leisure areas and major sights of Moscow city.


Ostankino Tower is the main eventful space of the capital: The runs up to 337 meters upstairs had been performed here; festive event “Good Buy, Summer!”, International Parachute Jumping Festival “Moscow Base Open Air” had been held, and a stage of the Olympic Torch Relay “Sochi-2014” took place here.                    

Viewpoints of the Ostankino Tower are the only place from where one may view all sights of the capital at the same time. Visit the Tower and you would see Moscow city from the East to the West and from the North to the South. 

Ostankino Tower enjoys great popularity among tourists; nearly 1000 persons visit viewpoints daily. To that end, for convenience of visitors, the company GoSwift had designed Online Ticketing System. Based on results of the national competition WORLD SUMMIT AWARD, held during 2013, GoSwift Online Ticketing System had been recognized the best one in the category “E-government”.