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Prior to execution of e-ticket, please review present Rules as introduction of any further changes may be connected to certain limitations.

1.   General Provisions

1.1 Present document (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”) contains principal provisions governing relationships between the Buyer (hereinafter referred to as the “Visitor”) and the Seller (hereinafter referred to as the “Moscow Regional Center” (MRC)) upon sale of electronic Tickets (the “Ticket”) to visit Ostankino Television Tower (hereinafter referred to as the “TV Tower”).

1.2 A Ticket represents a paid services contract valid until termination of the session, to which a Ticket relates. Visiting session lasts 1 hour, except for the cases when the Buyer (the Visitor) visits TV Tower restaurant. In given case, visiting session shall terminate when the Visitor exits the TV Tower.

1.3 Prior to registration of a Ticket, the Visitor shall acknowledge himself/ herself with present Rules. Having purchased a Ticket, the Visitor undertakes to adhere to the established Rules. By using the online ticket system, the Visitor accepts Ticket purchasing terms.

1.4 MRC retains the right to introduce any amendments or supplementations to present Rules without preliminary notification of the Visitor. By using the system or entering into a purchase order following amendment of the terms, the Visitor accepts these amendments.

1.5 MRC shall not be liable for full or partial failure of the system at any time, for inability of the Visitor to access the system, as well as for any direct or indirect costs incurred by the Visitor due to given circumstances.

1.6 The Visitor shall be fully liable for all operations performed in the system, and shall promptly notify MRC by any available means in case of any unauthorized use of the system.

1.7 All issues not settled in present Rules shall be settled in accordance with the effective law of the Russian Federation.


2. Rules of Electronic Ticket Issuance

2.1 The Visitor may purchase a Ticket to visit TV Tower at website: (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

2.2 For issuance of electronic Tickets, one should be registered and shall select the desired number of visitors, visiting session date and time, and shall enter surname, name, patronymic, and date of birth of each visitor, contact number, and e-mail. Simultaneous issuance and purchase of up to 10 tickets with indication of the personal data of each visitor is

2.3 The Visitor may receive information on possible visiting dates and number of available tickets at Website: in the following tabs:

- “Buy ticket”:

- “Queue”:

2.4 Prior to payment, the Visitor shall check the scope of services added to basket and shall make sure that it corresponds to the desired scope.

2.5 If the Visitor erroneously adds any services to the basket, which do not correspond to the desired services, the Visitor shall delete them from the basket and shall enter valid data.

2.6 Payment for services shall be effected by banking cards of the following Payment Systems: MIR, Visa and MasterCard.

2.7 Payment shall be effected within 10 minutes following beginning of the booking procedure. After payment of an order, one shall press the button «Return to Store». If payment procedure is not terminated within, the above time, preliminary booking of tickets for the selected visiting session is cancelled.

2.8 After successful issuance of the Ticket, a single free message shall be e-mailed to the Visitor to address indicated upon purchase of the electronic Ticket. No SMS messages will be send to contact numbers.

2.9 If for any reason you do not receive number of booking or number of electronic Ticket or confirmation on successful registration of booking, prior to re-registration of booking go to section «My bookings» and make sure that your booking was not actually registered.

З. Cost of visit of TV Tower

3.1 The cost of visiting the TV tower is determined by the order of the Branch.

3.2 Information on the cost of visiting the TV tower and the cost of other services of the Branch is available on the website and at the ticket offices of the “Tourist Bureau” located at: Moscow, Akademika Koroleva Street, 15/2. (Hereinafter - TB).

3.3 Children aged 7 to 18 years and students of the full-time department of institutions of secondary and higher vocational education are provided with privileges for paying services to visit the TV tower.

4.  Changing and Cancellation of Orders

4.1 Changes o the order are made on the web site.

4.2 The Visitor has the right to make changes to the order no more than once and no later than 3 hours before the beginning of the visiting session paid by the Visitor.

4.3 In the order you can change the time, date, Visitor's Name, provided the number of Visitors is preserved and the total cost of the order.

4.4 In case of refusal to visit the TV Tower, cancellation of the order and return of the paid money are possible in accordance with clause 5.7 and section 10 of these Rules.

4.5 When you make changes to the order, an additional email notification is not sent.

5. Reception of pass to TV Tower.

5.1 Visitors purchasing Tickets shall arrive at the TB by no later than 55 minutes prior to the established time for issuance of pass to visit TV Tower, which shall be the integral part of the paid servicesconyract.

5.2 For reception of the pass to visit TV Tower, the Visitor shall refer to as follows:

- Cashier of TB (upon servicing of private persons);

- Administrator of TB (upon servicing of legal entities).

5.3 For reception of the registered pass to visit the TV Tower, the Visitor shall provide to cash register of the TB the following:

5.3.1 Ticket;

5.3.2 One of the identity documents of each Visitor, namely:

- Passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation (internal or travel passport);

- Passport of foreign citizen, residence permit, permit for temporary stay;

- Identity card of a military man, military registration card;

- Temporary identity card of the citizen of the Russian Federation;

- Organizational identity cards;

- Driver’s license;

- Social security card of Moscow resident;

- Birth certificate (for minors under 14 years old without any passport or any of the above-listed documents).

5.3.3 А document granting the right to receive a ticket payment privilege for the TV Tower service (paragraph 3.3 of this Regulation):

- for persons aged 7 to 18 years (paragraph 5.3.2 of this Regulation), such a document is one of the identity documents;

- for full-time students of institutions of secondary and higher vocational education (clause 5.3.2 of these Rules) such a document is a student's social card or student card.

5.4 Upon absence of any documents specified in Clause 5.3.2, no pass to TV Tower shall be issued. Moneys may be refunded only subject to Clauses 5.7., 8.3 of present Rules.

5.5 Upon absence of the document specified in Clause 5.3.3., pass to visit the TV Tower shall be issued following payment of the adult tariff in cash register of the TB.

5.6 Issurance of passes under the Tickets shall terminate within 5 minutes prior to beginning of the visiting session.

5.7 In case of delay for a pass to the TV Tower for a paid visiting session and (or) if the Visitor has issued a pass for visiting the TV Tower, but the service did not use it in time, the Visitor has the right to refund money for the service during the whole term of the agreement, actually incurred by him the costs associated with the performance of obligations under the contract. In case the visitor applied for a refund of money due to late / non-arrival after the expiration of the contract, the funds are not refundable, except for cases of valid excuse (illness, etc.) for the time of the session, confirmed by the relevant documents. The funds are returned in the order established by sections 8, 9 of these Rules.


6. Passage  through TV Tower

6.1 Due to possible difficulties in evacuation from the TV Tower in case of any emergent situations and due to necessity for long-term wearing of the personal protective equipment by Visitors, the following persons shall be restricted in access to the observation deck:

- Children under the age of 7;

- Persons belonging to the less mobile groups of the population in accordance with SNiP 35-01-2001 (SP 59.13330.2016);

- Persons with obvious signs of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

Passage to the TV tower is carried out in accordance with the rules of the visit. A full list is available at the TB or by clicking on the link

6.2 All personal belongings, with the exception of handbags, briefcases, document bags, are handed over to the storage room of a security office or a checkpoint located at the entrance to the territory adjacent to the TV Tower. Persons with firearms, gas and cold steel on the TV tower are not allowed. Also forbidden to carry on the TV Tower the following items:

- special means of protection and active defense;

- medical equipment, instruments (mercury thermometers);

- any liquids, aerosols;

- flammable, toxic and strongly smelling substances;

- sharpened (pricking, cutting) items;

- Glass, ceramic, china ware;

- large hand luggage (suitcases, backpacks, bags, boxes, etc. with a size of more than 40x80x30 cm);

- objects and substances that by their appearance can be identified as forbidden to carry or dangerous;

- objects and substances prohibited to free civil circulation;

- animals and birds.

The list of items banned for the passage to the TV Tower is not complete, with a full list of items that are prohibited from carrying to the TV Tower, can be found in the Library or by clicking on the link

 7. Cancellation of Visiting Sessions

7.1 Visiting session (s) to the TV Tower may be cancelled due to any force-major circumstances, lack of technical lifting possibility of Visitors to the observation deck, arrangement of scheduled and other events at the TV Tower, within the scope of which no access of visitors to the TV Tower is allowed.

7.2 In case of any circumstances specified in Clause 7.1., refund of moneys shall be made in accordance with Clause 10 of present Rules.


8. Refund of the cost of Tickets purchased at with the use of Banking Card

8.1 For refund of the Payment, the Visitor shall submit to the TB an application for refund (Sample application for refund is attached hereto) by e-mail, containing the following details: surname, name, patronymic, number of electronic Ticket, e-mail address, contact phone number, last 4 digits of the banking card used for Payment, order date, Payment date, amount of order, and shall expressly waive of the order and refund. Application shall be executed only on behalf of a paying person, and shall be sent from e- mail address indicated by the Visitor upon registration of the order. Application shall be sent within at least 10 minutes prior to the paid visiting session. Refund of payment is possible only in accordance with Clause 8.3 of present Rules.

8.2 Application for refund of paid moneys (the “Payment”) shall be processed during business days from 10 until 18 o’clock Moscow time. TB shall accept the application for processing only after full meeting by the Visitor of requirements specified in Clause 8.1 of present Rules.

8.3 In case of any reasonable excuse (illness, and etc.) during visiting session confirmed by relevant documents, upon written application of the Visitor, MRC shall refund him/her the cost of the Ticket, of which upon application after the visiting session.

8.4 Refund of payment shall be made within the terms specified in the effective law of the Russian Federation.

9. Refund of the Cost of Tickets Purchased at Website with the Use of Banking Card and Exchanged for Visiting Passes in Cash Registers of the TB

9.1 The application for the refund of the cost of the Ticket purchased on the Site with the help of a bank card and exchanged at the TB card desk for a pass may be carried out by the Visitor only from the TB Administrator.

9.2 Refund of the Ticket price is effected only by a non-cash transfer of funds to the Visitor's bank card from which the Payment was made.

9.3 For the return of the ticket cost, the Visitor fills in the application for the return of funds for an unsolicited service (issued by the administrator of the library), in which it is necessary to indicate: the surname, first name, ticket number, e-mail address, telephone contact number, last 4 digits of the bank card number, from which the payment was made, the order date, the payment date, the payment amount and in the explicit form state the refusal of the order and the desire to effect a refund.

9.4 In order to process a refund, the visitor must present the received pass to the TV Tower, a refund application and an identity document.

9.5 Return of funds is carried out within the time limits provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

10. Refund of the Cost of Tickets Purchased with the Use of Banking Card at Website due to Cancellation of the Visiting Session

10.1  In case of any circumstances specified in Clause 7.1., Visitors purchasing electronic Tickets at Website would be offered to change the date and/or time of visit of the TV Tower or cancel the order and refund payment in full.

10.2 Refund of the cost of Tickets shall be performed by wire transfer to the banking card of the Visitor used for Payment. Application shall be executed on behalf of a payer. Sample application for refund of the cost of Tickets is attached to present Rules.

10.3 Refund of payment shall be made within the terms specified in the effective law of the Russian Federation.

11. Final Provisions

11.1 Refund of the cost of Tickets in accordance with present Rules and/or Rules of International Payment Systems and law of the Russian Federation under relevant order shall be treated by the Parties as an event serving the sufficient basis for TB to terminate its liabilities under present agreement and to treat them executed to the Visitor to the fullest extent.

11.2 Refund date of the cost of Tickets shall be the date of funds withdrawal from the MRC account. MRC shall not be liable for further flowing of funds.