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 1. General provisions

1.1. The observation platform of the Ostankino TV tower is open daily from 10:00 to 23:00 inclusive.

1.2. Admission to the Ostankino TV tower is carried out by sessions. Information about the sessions is available on the official site of the Ostankino TV tower in the section «Buy a ticket».

1.3. The number of visitors in the session should not exceed 271 people.

1.4. Registration of passes to visit the Ostankino TV tower starts an hour before the session starts and ends 5 minutes before the session.

In order to avoid misunderstanding or conflict situations it is recommended to arrive in advance at the ticket office of the Tourist Bureau located at: Moscow, Akademika Koroleva street, 15/2 (hereinafter - TB).

The schedule of work of the TB: Monday - Thursday 09:00 - 21:00, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 09:15 - 22.00.

The schedule of work of cash desks is: Monday - Thursday 09:15 - 20:55 Friday, Saturday, Sunday 09:15 - 21:55.

2. Reception of pass to TV Tower

2.1. Admission to the Ostankino TV tower is allowed if one of the following documents is available:

- Visitors from 7 to 14 years old — birth certificate (original or copy), passport, social card of the Muscovite. Admission of children under 14 is only allowed accompanied by an adult;

- Visitors from 14 years of age and older are the passport of a Russian citizen (domestic or foreign), a passport of a foreign citizen, a residence permit, a temporary residence permit, an identity card of a serviceman, a military ticket, a temporary identity card of a Russian citizen, departmental identity cards, a social card Muscovite, driver's license.

3. Reception of pass to TV Tower for groups

3.1. Redemption of tickets is made at the TB cash desks at the address: Moscow, Akademika Koroleva Street, 15/2.

On the day of payment and the visit, the team leader must provide a list of visitors to the Ostankino TV tower on the organization's letterhead signed by the head of the organization and stamped with a mandatory note: "I confirm the age composition of the group."

In the presence of the above letter, students can come with copies of identity documents.

3.2. The team leader and the persons accompanying the group must carry originals of personal documents of state standard (passport, etc.).

 4. Refund of the Paid Cost

 Visitors who paid the ticket but did not receive a pass to the Ostankino TV tower should arrive in the TB in advance for proper issuance of the pass, given that the registration begins an hour before the session starts and ends 5 minutes before the session.

In case of delay for a pass to the Ostankino TV tower for a paid session and (or) if the Visitor has issued a pass to visit the Ostankino TV tower, but the service did not use it in a timely manner, the Visitor has the right to return money for the service for the entire term of the agreement, payment to the Branch of actually incurred expenses related to the performance of obligations under the contract. In case the visitor applied for a refund of money due to late / non-arrival after the expiration of the contract, the funds are not refundable, except for cases of valid excuse (illness, etc.) for the time of the session, confirmed by the relevant documents.

5. Passage through TV Tower

 5.1. Admission to the Ostankino TV tower starts not earlier than 1 (one) hour before the session.

5.2. In accordance with the requirements of the Analysis of the level of fire safety and calculation of fire risk for people during evacuation from the Ostankino TV tower, developed and approved by the VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia, the Ostankino TV tower is not allowed to:

- citizens under 7 years of age;

- persons with obvious signs of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;

- citizens belonging to the low-mobile groups of the population in accordance with SNiP 35-01-2001 (SP 59.13330.2016).

5.3. Photo and video shooting at checkpoints of the Ostankino TV tower is prohibited.

5.4. Citizens with implants, pacemakers, prostheses and the like containing metal, which can trigger the alarm of a security metal detector, must carry a personal identification card of the patient confirming the implantation of the medical device.

 5.5. All citizens passing to the territory of the Branch, all hand baggage carried by them, as well as incoming vehicles are subject to inspection at checkpoints in order to prevent the passage (bushing) of prohibited items or substances.

 These include:

- Weapons: fire, gas, traumatic, pneumatic, ammunition, cartridges and charges. Combat, service, hunting, sports, signal weapons, national-souvenir weapons, components and elements of the listed types of weapons and ammunition (charges).

- Cold steel: slashing (swords, axes, etc.), stabbing (knives, daggers, peaks, etc.), piercing and cutting (daggers, broadswords, etc.), piercing-cutting (knives, swords, etc. .), shock-shattering (brass knuckles, knuckles, nunchuck, telescopic truncheons, etc.), throwing (crossbows, boomerangs, shurikens, darts, etc.).

- Special means of protection and active defense (flak jackets, protective helmets and masks, gas sprayers and aerosol devices with tear gas, electric shock devices and spark gaps, stun guns, light-shock devices, rubber (wooden, metal, etc.) sticks (batons), handcuffs , manual gas grenades, light and acoustic projectiles, etc.).

The listed objects and substances are forbidden to carry, even if the citizen has the permits established on them.

- Explosives (solid, liquid, gaseous and others).

- Poisoning substances.

- Radioactive substances.

- Narcotic and psychotropic substances (tablets, capsules, powders, herbal mixtures, plastic balls or substances, liquids, etc.).

- Fire-hazardous, flammable, toxic and strong smelling substances (combustible and lubricating, paint and varnish materials, solvents, alcohol-based substances, cylinders with gases and other substances, any components of chemical production and toxic substances that can damage the health of citizens, acids and alkalis, corrosive substances, mercury, chlorine, biologically hazardous substances (infected blood, various samples of viruses and bacteria), fire extinguishers, etc.

- Pyrotechnic objects and substances (fireworks, fountains, firecrackers, rockets, crackers, etc.).

- Objects and substances that can be identified as banned or dangerous (including dummy weapons, etc.).

- Honed objects (including cold steel): axes, tongs, hooks (mounts, nailers), surfaces with spikes, harpoons, spears, ceremonial and religious knives, etc .; Knives from any material (iron, ceramics, polymers); dangerous razor blades; scalpels, scissors with blades more than 5 cm; ski poles; drill; folding knives; screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, saws, drills and other carpentry and locksmith tools, etc.

- Blunt objects capable of causing injuries: baseball, cricket

and softball bats, golf clubs, hockey, oars for boats, billiard cues of all kinds, fishing rods, etc.

- Means of transportation: bicycles, scooters, scooters, roller skates, skateboards and other wheeled vehicles, jumping equipment for legs and others.

- Alcohol.

- Oversized hand luggage (suitcases, bags of backpacks, etc., larger than 40x80x30 cm).

- Any liquids and food, glass (ceramic, porcelain) utensils, aerosols and cans (hair spray, deodorants, antistatic, etc.), medical equipment, mercury thermometers, etc.

Animals and birds.

All personal belongings, with the exception of handbags, briefcases, bags for documents, are handed over to the storage room of a security office or checkpoint located at the entrance to the territory adjacent to the Ostankino TV tower.

5.6. During the session, it is strictly forbidden:

- Smoking in the territory and in the premises of the Ostankino TV tower.

- Go into the elevator and exit it without the permission of the lift operator.

- To put inscriptions and paste products of information content.

- To be in dirty and dirty clothes.

- Enter premises intended for official use.

6. Cancellation of visiting sessions

6.1. The visiting session(s) to the Ostankino TV tower may be canceled or interrupted due to force majeure circumstances, including wind gusts of more than 19 m / s, lack of a technical opportunity to lift visitors to the observation deck, conduct routine and other events within which admission visitors on the Ostankino television tower is forbidden.

Before buying a ticket, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the current visibility in the web-camera section The Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network" is not responsible for the weather conditions that prevent the panorama of the city's panorama.

6.2. In case of force majeure circumstances, those who paid for the visit to the Ostankino TV tower will be asked to replace the date and / or time of the visit to the TV tower or the money for tickets in full with a cash receipt.